Juliette Nicaise (1991)

was born in Belgium where she currently lives and works.

Her creation revolves around figurative painting.

She places at the centre of her work and her artistic universe the representation of the human figure in its fragility but also its strength and humanity.
Juliette focuses on the expression that emerges from the faces and tries to create sensitive and spiritual works.
It reminds us of our vulnerable humanity to preserve and express in all its forms.

Her paintings represent our intimacy by seeking our inner energy. It pushes us to introspection, to reflection on the human condition. She offers us her way of seeing the world.

Juliette emphasizes female models because she can better understand her characters from a psychological point of view. These models are generally part of her entourage.
She expresses her feelings and thoughts through them.

Juliette received in 2017 a Masters in Fine Arts of Tournai in Belgium.
She has exhibited a few times in Belgium since she was 22.
She participates in the final Artlab Munich from May 26 to 29 at the Benjamin Eck Projects gallery in Munich.